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Synthesis Counselling & Therapy - Jo Gibson - 07770850480

A Relational, Client Centred, Trauma Informed Approach

The rest position in TRE. TRE in Stevenage, is a simple way to release tension and trauma from the body through a process of shaking
TRE in Stevenage, is a simple way to release tension and trauma from the body through a process of shaking

TRE is a simple way to release tension, stress, and trauma held in the body in habitual muscular bracing patterns, which influences how regulated our nervous systems are. We do this by priming the body through a set of simple exercises and a facilitated shaking process.

Each session is safely held and paced to the individual's needs. This is important as we do not want to stress the body systems any more than they already are, so pacing the release process becomes part of embodied learning and healing, that reaches into all areas of our lives.

Do you find yourself getting really emotional or irritable? Or withdrawing from friends or family when under stress? This is a lot to do with nervous system regulation and TRE can help.

The beauty of TRE from a therapeutic point of view is the narrative is not necessary. Sometimes we can get stuck in the 'story' of our life, which can have an effect on our healing.

TRE works directly with the body and facilitates the release of deep-held muscular patterns that are often so automatic we stop noticing how we brace our bodies or the impact of this bracing.

TRE can release our daily life stresses and tensions and also when facilitated safely, can effectively address deeper, more painful traumatic life experiences. 

At the moment all work is online and a Saturday morning fortnightly class is available for those who have experienced TRE before. For those you have yet to try this incredibly effective releasing process, It is recommended to have a 1-1 session first.

Sessions are about an hour and a half. 

Synthesis Therapy Services in Stevenage and Online